Areas of Practice



Human Rights



  • Applications for leave to enter and remain on human rights grounds

  • Family reunion applications for spouses, partners, children, relatives etc, and connected human rights applications

  • The right to respect for family life and private life under Article 8 ECHR

  • The right not to be expelled to a place where a person woud be at risk of torture or inhuman or degrading treatement or punishment contrary to Article 3 ECHR

  • Human Rights under the ECHR/Human Rights Act 1998 and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

  • Human rights in relation to administrative removal and deportation cases, and also in relation to extradition cases



Asylum and Protection



  • Applications for Refugee status

  • Complementary protection by way of Humanitarian Protection or protection under Article 3 ECHR/Human Rights law

  • Acting for clients who seek Asylum in the UK and who are also at risk of Extradition to places where they are at risk of persecution

  • Particular expertise in relation to people from the former Soviet states





  • Applications for leave to remain as a Stateless Person under the Immigration Rules and the 1954 Stateless Persons Convention

  • Applications for registration as a British citizen by Stateless Persons under the British Nationality Act 1981 and the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness

  • Judicial review of the unlawful detention of Stateless Persons

  • Securing rights for Stateless persons


UK Immigration Law
  • Applications for Entry Clearance/Visas

  • Applications for leave to enter and remain

  • Dependent relative applications for spouses, partners and children

  • Applications for indefinite leave to enter or remain/permanent residence

  • Administrative removal and deportation cases


Economic Migration



  • Applications by Tier 1 Investors, Entrepeneurs, Graduate Entrepeneurs, and Exceptional Talent Migrants - (where necessary working with a client's investment and tax advisors) 

  • Applications by Tier 2 General (Work Permit) Migrants, Intra-Company Transer (ICT) Migrants, Ministers of Religion and Sportspersons

  • Applicaations by Tier 5 Migrants coming to work in the UK on a temporary basis

  • Sponsor Licences for employers

  • Tier 4 Student applications 



EU Citizenship and Free Movement of Persons



  • Applications for EEA Family Permits/Visas to travel to the UK

  • Applications for Registration Certificates for EU citizens/EEA nationals

  • Applications for Residence Cards for non-EEA family members

  • Applications for permanent residence documents

  • Applications for Zambrano rights and other derivative rights documents

  • Advice on the right to reside in the UK

  • Administrative removal and deportation cases

  • Van der Elst/Posted Workers applications

  • Turkish Ankara agreement applications



British Nationality


  • Applications for naturalisation as a British Citizen

  • Applications for registration as a British Citizen

  • British citizenship by descent

  • British citizenship by birth in the UK or a British Overseas Territory

  • British citizenship by adoption and surrogacy arrangements

  • Right of Abode in the UK

  • British overseas territories citizens (BOTCs), British Overseas citizens (BOCs), British Nationals Overseas (BN(O)s), British subjects (BSs) and British Protected Persons (BPPs)

  • Commmonwealth and colonial claims to British nationality

  • Legal remedies against negative decisions

  • Persons at risk of deprivation of British citizenship, nullity cases and other forms of loss of nationality.

Nationality Law Codes


  • Dual/multpiple nationality issues (working in partnership with foreign lawyers) 

  • Conflict of nationality laws

  • Risk of loss of nationality as a result of migration 

  • Passport issues and the law of the passport 



Citizenship and Settlement


  • Settlement and citizenship options for persons looking to secure settlement, permanent residence and citizenship in the UK and elsewhere (working in partnership with lawyers in other jurisdictions and with tax and financial advisors)